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Telephone Scam Alleging A Relative is in Financial or Legal Crisis

IC3 continues to receive reports of telephone scams involving calls that claim their “relative” is in a legal or financial crisis.

Treasury Inspector General Warns of “Largest Ever” Phone Fraud Scam Targeting Taxpayers

The Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration (TIGTA) today issued a warning to taxpayers to beware of phone calls from individuals claiming to represent the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in an effort to defraud them.

US Cell Phones Targeted by International Revenue Share Fraud

If you receive a “ring once” call from a number you do not recognize, DO NOT return the call.

7 Scams Retirees Fall For

A recent MetLife survey estimated that $2.6 billion is lost each year in financial scams aimed at seniors and retirees

Victims of The Tech Support Scam Are Defrauded A Second Time

IC3 has produced Scam Alerts advising the public of an ongoing telephone scam in which callers purport to be an employee of a major software company

Justice Department Officials Raise Awareness of Disaster Fraud Hotline Following Typhoon Haiyan

The Department of Justice, the FBI, and the National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) remind the public there is a potential for disaster fraud in the aftermath of a natural disaster

Warning: CryptoLocker Ransomeware Encrypting Computer Files

Businesses are receiving email with alleged customer complaints containing malware downloader that encrypts computer files and requires a private key (ransome) to decrypt.

Spam E-Mails Continuing to Capitalize on FBI Officials’ Names

FBI continues to receive reports of spam e-mails that use FBI officials’ names

Beta Bot malware blocks users anti-virus programs

Cyber criminals use Beta Bot to target financial institutions, e-commerce sites, online payment platforms, and social networking sites

Darkleech Says Hello

FireEye notified that a fireeye[.]com/careers HR link was inadvertently serving up a drive-by download exploit.

New Varient of Android Ransomeware “Fake Defender” Surfaces

Researchers believe a spam campaign is spreading a new variant of mobile ransomware.

Study: Medical ID Theft Victims Increasingly Report Spoofed Sites And Phishing as Cause of Fraud

As the number of individuals impacted by medical identity theft continues to climb, so does the number of victims fooled by spurious emails and websites designed to purloin their sensitive information, a study finds.

iPhone 5S phishing email collection web form

iPhone 5s Phishing Mail Arrives In Time For Launch

While millions of mobile users are anticipating the launch of the new iPhone (5S and 5C), cybercriminals are already making their move to distribute spam that promise to give away the said devices for free, in the guise of a contest.

The Hesperbot trojan has been distributed via sophisticated phishing emails.

Banking Trojan Now Circulating Overseas Could Soon Reach U.S.

Researchers at IT security company ESET have discovered a banking trojan that is targeting users who bank online in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Portugal and, most recently, the United Kingdom.

Spear-Phishing E-mail with Missing Children Theme

Warning: Spear-phishing e-mail puportedly from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children contains 3 malicious files.


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