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SEO Spam

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Increase Google Ranking Email Spam

Another B.S. spam email promoting SEO. I laughed aloud when I read ….

Do SEO Work Email Spam

I thought you might like to know some of the reasons why you are not getting enough Social Media and Organic search engine traffic for your website.

Google Panda and Penguin based SEO

The latest spam email offering SEO services to offset Google’s Penguin and Panda updates. As always, don’t hire a SEO firm or consultant solicited from a spam email.

Jay Plouffe SEO Services Email Scam

Another example of unsolicited email spam offering SEO services from a so-called “consultant” who hasn’t done any research to back up their claims.

SEO Link Building Proposal Spam

More unsolicited email spam from people offering SEO and link building services.

SEO in only $250

SEO email spam solicitation offering SEO keyword optimization for $250

Increase Business Volume SEO Spam

Another so-called SEO provider spamming us with search engine optimization services.

Improve Search Ranking Contact Form Spam

Homer Castaneda wants to improve your website search ranking. Starting with spamming you through your contact form.

Facebook Friends SEO Email Spam

SEO spam via website contact form from Donna Gabriel

SEO Contact Form Email Spam

As email spam filters continue to (slowly) improve, spammers have included the tactic of manually submitting their messages through website contact forms — such as this one.

Increase Traffic, Sales, Google Top 10 Ranking

Alina Smith, a Marketing Executive and “Seo Service Provider” sending SPAM email for search engine optimization services.

SEO, Internet Marketing, Website Designing Email Spam

SEO services email spam from a “complete internet marketing solution” company. But using a spammy Gmail account.

Rank #1 on Google – No Cost Website Analysis and Ranking Report

More SEO spam promising to improve your website search engine rankings.

Get Google Top Ranking By Christmas Email Spam

Marketing Executive Abhay promises top ranking in Google by Christmas. The only gift I want is less spam.

Not So Reliable SEO Services Spam

Alex, Senior Executive , for Internet Marketing Services spams us with this unrequested email about their SEO services.


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