SpamScams.net is about uncovering and archiving spam email, scams, and email phishing schemes.

We figure, if you know it’s bait, you won’t get phished.

Since spam is the bane of Internet existence, why on God’s good earth would anyone start a blog about spam?

Spammers email you with their tempting bait. Bait that offers you a solution to your problems. Be it huge amounts of unclaimed money in secret foreign bank accounts, winning lottery numbers, low-cost software, interest free auto loans, debt relief, no interest mortgage loans, a better education, saving world hunger, or just better living through pharmaceuticals. If they can think of it, they’ll try to get you to buy it.

Even worse are the Phishers.

The emails disguised as important messages from your bank or other financial services asking you to login and update your profile or personal information.

What too many people don’t know is that they’re really logging into a webpage that only looks like their bank. In reality, they’re about to give away their pass-code, social security number, and other personal information the Phishers will use to steal your identity—and then your money.

Too many people are being ripped off everyday—or as it’s officially called “phished”— by scum-sucking, low-lifes who make their living by preying on the weak, desperate, or un-educated.

We want to help stop that. And stop it now.

The purpose of Spam Scams is to help stop spam. The hope is that by creating an archive of spam, it will inform you of what scams are out there so you won’t take the bait.

And just to be on the safe side—so we don’t actually add to the problem—all contact phone numbers, email addresses, and links are removed.