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This is Mickael from Cashadmin – the RX affiliation network of [ URL DELETED ].

I sent an email to the owner of [ DELETED ] regarding partnership with us, alas no answer.

  • Commission rate: We go up to 35% officially. Unofficially, show me what you can do and I’ll show you how high we can go.
  • Conversion rate: depending on your traffic we provide you a conversion between 1:9 and 1:5.
  • Payment monthly by paypal, wire, or check.
  • Personal service and attention. We have several affiliate managers working with different groups. Your issues will never go unanswered.
  • Pharmacy Shark Patrol says about us :“…the Pharmacy Shark Patrol strongly endorses Generic4All, which will give you an industry leading conversion rate, excellent commission, and timely payment.”

Let’s make sure that it is. Take a look at [ URL DELETED ]. Then sign up at [ URL DELETED ] and I’ll approve you right away. Then let’s get to work!

Mickael G
Marketing Manager

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