The Executive Office
of the President of the United States
Washington, D.C., U.S

This email is personally directed to you. This is to inform you that your account has been changed by Mr. Smith William who claimed to be your next of kin. It has come to our attention that your payment has been long overdue. We are not aware of any disputes or reason for non-payment; therefore we would respectfully remind you that your overdue service fund payment with an outstanding amount is ready to be released to you. Did you send Mr. Smith William with above address 122 Fitch Way, Sacramento, Ca. 95864 to have your information changed? We told him to come back as he did not provide any power of an attorney from you which will proof that you sent him. This was to enable our office contact you to verify how genuine his claim was.

With due respect, you are hereby advised to confirm the affirmation of his claim to this honorable office with immediate effect and also carefully update your information. Your Name, Phone No, Sex, Occupation, Next of Kin and Home Address to the email address provided below for easy communications and to facilitate the process of having your fixed amount released to you.

We hope you’ll give prompt attention to this matter. if we don’t hear from you within ten days, we will have no other option but to ask our attorney to decline your payment.

Edmund Gregory