As we all know, Spam is a dreaded beast.

It devours bandwidth and clogs our email in-boxes with badly written sales pitches for stuff we don’t want or need.

We do everything in our power to stop spam;

  • Use email filters
  • Use a free disposable email address
  • Not opening email with attachments from people we don’t know
  • Not emailing personal or financial information
  • Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Forward phishing spam to

There’s more, but isn’t that enough? Apparently not.

But there is one amazing way to stop spam that no one has thought about — not even me — until now.

If you want to stop spam, simply start a blog about spam email.

It may seem stupid, silly, or even ironic. But the simple fact is, ever since I started Ultimate Spam Email Archive, the amount of spam I receive has dwindled itself into almost extinction. Really! I’m down to receiving maybe one or two spam emails a day. In fact, there was a couple days in a row that I didn’t receive any.

I have now been reduced to the task of actually asking friends and family to send me their spam. Can you believe that? Of course, there were a few rules they were asked to follow;

  1. NO Attachments, NONE. NADA. NOTHING.
  2. NO spam that is a simple line or two trying to sell you something
  3. NO spam about Viagra, Ciallis, or something similar — otherwise I’d get inundated beyond measure

The next thing I’m going to do is break rule number one from my Ten Tips to Help Stop Spam article — display my email address on the blog /

If that doesn’t work (but I’m sure it will) I could be forced to ask you to send me your spam. And I really hope it doesn’t come to that.