How knowledgeable are you about online scams?

Are you familiar with the deceitful tactics scammers use in an attempt to separate you from your money?

Can you spot the difference between a legitimate business Web site and a fraud? Not knowing could not only place your private information at risk, but also your life savings.

McAfee SiteAdvisor has created a simple 10-question phishing quiz to test your knowledge of online scams. The questions are structured in a simple manner in which you are presented with an sample screen image of an authentic Web site or e-mail message and a fraud. Hint: Pay close attention to the Web site address (URL) and even closer attention to the verbiage.

Remember, scammers are relentless in their quest to steal your money. Even to the point of mimicking (spoofing) real Web sites such as PayPal —hoping to catch you off-guard as you unwittingly type in your email address, pass codes, and social security number.

Do yourself a favor, please take the quiz. The money you could be saving is your own.